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AGM and Conference

Published: 28 Mar 2012

The Annual General Meeting of An Comunn Gaidhealach will take place on Saturday 31st March 2012 at 10am in the MacDonald Hotel, Aviemore.

This will be followed by a Conference at 11am.

All An Comunn Gaidhealach Members are welcome - please bring Membership cards with you.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Changes to A307

Published: 27 Mar 2012

The Music Committee have issued changes to the Mòd 2012 choral competition piece, A307-Tuireadh nan Treun.

The changes are explained below and should be adhered to for this piece. If you have any queries regarding these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact James Graham on 01463 709 705 or email

A307-Tuireadh nan Treun.

Verse 1:

Bar 9: spelling-feasta x 2

Bar 10: spelling-m’ iargain x 2

Bar 11: accent missing-lìonadh x 2

Bar 19: shìnear instead of shineadh x 3

Bar 22: accent missing-sìorraidh x 3

Verse 2:

Bar 31: spelling-chaonnag

Bar 32: sgàth instead of stàth

Bar 33: accent missing-strìochdadh x 3

Bar 33: spelling-strìochdadh ann am B.2

Bar 36/37: luchd-breacan x 3

Bar 40: accent missing-‘N àm x 3

Bar 41: spelling-tarraing x 3

Bar 44: accent wrong-dàil in B.2

Verse 3:

Bar 50/51: seòl-mara x 3

Bar 55: nan craobh instead of an craobh x 3

Bar 63: spelling-fearann x 3

Verse 4:

Bar 65: Thì x 3

Bar 67: thus-a instead of thu-sa

Bar 70: càird-ean x 3

Bar 73: furt-achd

Bar75: mùirn-each x 3

Bar 77: spelling-dhriùchda x 3

Bar 78: aig instead of air

Bar 79: Sùirn-eig x 3

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Change to A300

Published: 23 Mar 2012

Please note the change to competition A300 - Cath Ghairidheach:

Bar 28 - Baritone should be as bass line.

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Lochaber Branch AGM

Published: 20 Mar 2012

An Comunn Gaidhealach

Lochaber Branch Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 28th March

Fort William RC Primary School


Anyone with an interest and commitment to keep the Gaelic language and culture thriving in Lochaber is urged to attend the meeting.


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Change of date for East Kilbride Mod

Published: 16 Mar 2012

Please note that the East Kilbride Mod will now take place on the 25th and 26th of May and not in June.

For further information or details about this year’s Provincial Mod, please contact Peigi Darroch on 01355 226 067.

Moran taing!

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Changes to Choral Pieces

Published: 15 Mar 2012

The Music Committee have issued changes to the following Mòd 2012 choral competition pieces. We have PDF and sibelius files of the respective edited pieces available, if you wish for these to be emailed to you please get in touch.

A308-Puirt a beul

A304-Gheibhinn cadal math

A301-Cumha Coire Cheathaich

The changes are explained below and should be adhered to for these pieces. If you have any queries regarding these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact James Graham at telephone 01463 709 705.

Competition A308, Puirt – Seònaid NicGumaraid

Bar 14 – ‘mi gur’ – dotted crotchet/semiquaver replaces semiquaver/dotted crotchet (all parts)

Bar 15 – ‘raoir a’ – dotted crotchet/semiquaver replaces semiquaver/dotted crotchet (tenor part)

Competition A308, Puirt – Cairistìon’ nigh’n Eòghainn

Bar 68 – ‘Hao-il-o ho-il’ – crotchet /quaver-quaver/crotchet/quaver-quaver replaces crotchet/crotchet/4quavers (all parts)

And similarly in bb. 70,72,74… 85,87,89,91… 101

Bar 79 – ‘ruidhl’’ – quaver-quaver replaces crotchet (sop & tenor)

And similarly in bb. 83, 84… 96, 100

Competition A304, Gheibhinn Cadal Math (soprano part only)

Bar 6 –beat 2 is ‘E’ (‘r’) instead of ‘B’ (‘l’)

Bar 7 –final quaver is ‘F#’ (‘m’) instead of ‘B’ (‘l’)

Bar 8 –first crotchet is ‘E’ (‘r’) instead of ‘D’ (‘d’)

And similarly bb. 38,39,40 – as 6,7,8

And bb. 65,66 – as 7,8

Competition A301, Cumha Coire Cheathaich

Bar 7 – ‘greis am àrach’ (was ‘greis de m’ àrach’)

Bar 31 – 4 quavers/crotchet/2 quavers replaces crotchet/2 quavers/4 quavers (sops & altos only)

Bar 39 –dotted minim-tied quaver ‘Db’ and quaver ‘C’ replace semibreve ‘Db’

Bar 40 –crotchet-quaver instead of first three quavers

Bar 52 – 2 quavers instead of first crotchet (sops, tenors, basses)

Bar 54 – ‘d’ fhuir-ich’ (was ‘d’ fhui-rich’)

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Open Meeting in Fort William

Published: 15 Mar 2012

You are invited you to an open meeting of An Comunn Gàidhealach that will be held in the Alexandra hotel in Fort William on Monday 19th March 2012 at 7.00pm.

A warm welcome to anyone who wishes to support An Comunn Gàidhealach in Lochaber. There will be an opportunity to discuss the Lochaber Provincial Mòd, the National Mòd and any other matters related to Gaelic in the area.

For further information, please contact: James Graham, Mod manager, An Comunn Gàidhealach. E-mail: Tel: 01463 709705. Hope to see you there!

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Stirling Ceilidh Dance

Published: 15 Mar 2012

Stirling Provincial Mod Committee is holding a ceilidh/dance in aid of Mod funds on Saturday 24th March at 7.30pm in Logie Kirk Hall, Alloa Road, Causewayhead, Stirling (just below the Wallace Monument).

Music will be from the Willie McFarlane duo and prices are £6 for adults and £2 for children. There will be soloists, a buffet, a bar and of course a raffle!!

It would be great to have your support and any donations for the raffle or the buffet would be gratefully received. We are a small committee working hard to keep the Mod a success and we really hope to see as many people as possible on the night.

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Caithness & Sutherland Provincial Mod

Published: 14 Mar 2012


The Caithness Branch of An Comunn Gaidhealach has started their programme of events to raise funds for the Provincial Mod which will return to Caithness in summer this year.

The Provincial Mod is a regional version of the National Mod which took place for the very first time in the history of An Comunn Gaidhealach in October 2010. The Regional Mod has not been held in Wick since 1999 and only once since in the County of Caithness in Thurso in 2007.

Following on from the success of the National Mod in 2010, the joint area committees of the Provincial Mod agreed last year to have the regional event hosted every two years in Caithness boosting the local economy in each area where it will be hosted - Halkirk, Lybster and Castletown among places expected to host the festival in the future as well as the county towns of Wick and Thurso.

The event will take place on the first weekend of June with the main events, competitions and concerts taking place on Saturday 2nd June. The events will be hosted in a number of venues and a programme will be available well before the event takes place. The syllabus will be available shortly and requests for a copy should be made to

Competitions cover a host of disciplines including accordion, piping, fiddle playing, highland dancing, group and solo events. There will be something for everyone and a series of workshops will be hosted in the near future. Feis Ghallaibh, which was set up to prepare and allow local young people to participate at the National Mod in 2010 continues to provide the same opportunity and will be represented at this years Provincial Mod.

Raymond Bremner, Chairman of the Local Branch Committee said “We are delighted to be hosting the Provincial Mod and it’s great that it will be hosted in Wick where the National Mod started in 2010 with a huge outdoor presence on the opening weekend. We have already had more area choirs showing an interest in attending than at previous Provincial Mods and I believe that is due to the wonderful time they experienced in the county back in 2010. I am sure the local branch and community will work hard to deliver the same level of friendliness and warmth provided to the county’s visitors in 2010.”

A series of events have been organised in Wick, Halladale, Clyth and Thrumster already to raise the profile of the Provincial Mod, to raise funds and to provide evenings of entertainment in the local communities in the lead-up to the event.

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Changes to SSL254

Published: 06 Mar 2012

Please note the following changes which apply to competition SSL254, ‘Gur moch rinn mi dùsgadh’:

Verse 1: line 2: ‘s a dhìrich mi‘m bruthach

line 4: ...a’tùirlinn thar ùr-dhos nan geug

Verse 2: line 2: ....os mo chionn

line 4: is mac-talla nan creagan…

Verse 3: line 4: null thairis à gleannan ...

Please click on the following link to view all amendments for this year’s Royal National Mod competitions:

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Changes to A305

Published: 06 Mar 2012

Please note the folowing amendment to Competition A305.

Competition A305 - Sìoman Donn

Verse 2, Bar 30 - ‘ghàradh’ should be changed to ‘gharadh’ (without an accent on the ‘a’). The crotchet and quaver above the word ‘gharadh’ should now be reversed with the quaver over the first syllable of the word (ghar-adh) and the crotchet over the second syllable (ghar-adh). This applies to all three parts.

Please click on the following link to view all amendments for this year’s Royal National Mod competitions:

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Uist Provincial Mod

Published: 05 Mar 2012

We are delighted that the Uist Provincial Mod will take place this year on the 1st and 2nd of June in Sgoil an Iochdair, South Uist.

Please click on the following link to view the syllabus for this year’s Provincial Mod.

For any further information, please contact Fiona MacAulay at or telephone 01870 603 336.

Uist Mod Syllabus 2012.doc


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